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Jun 20

Ritz Camera Loses Their Touch

Ritz Camera Store

I’ve started evaluating getting a new pocket sized point and shoot for the occasions when I don’t feel liking toting the brick that is my DSLR. I stopped into a local Ritz Camera store and scanned the counters for signs of cameras. Seeing nothing, I asked the clerk, “Do you – uh – sell cameras?” …

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May 03

Three quick tips for a successful CRM implementation

1) Executive buy-in. – Good things happen to organizations with support from the top. 2) Train for communication and prioritize it above technology. Form follows function. Specifically strive for sincerity in communications and avoid marketing glurge i.e. drive the communication from a customer’s viewpoint – not a marketers. 3) Start small and iteratively and grow …

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Mar 28

LinkedIn Sit Tight's site maintenance screen, "Sit Tight"

I just encountered this odd site maintenance screen on LinkedIn. I like the imagery.  

Mar 25

Customer Service Phone Failure

Customer Service Phone Number Failute Blackberry photo by Glen Green

Customer Service failure as encountered through Best Buy (and others): When the automated phone system asks for your account number before passing you to an operator who then immediately ask for the same account number that you just entered into their system.