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Jun 26

Penguin 2: The Revenge!

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania's "The Brew Room" logo

What do a Penguin and Artificial Intelligence have in common? They’ll both affect your SEO if Google has anything to say about it. Get the full story on Pittsburgh’s ‘The Brew Works‘ website where I was recently invited to contribute an essay: Penguins, Artificial Intelligence and King Content

Apr 04

The Most Common Mistake

Don't expect a larger turnout at your party if you don't send invite people in advance. Paris cafe, empty tables. Photography by Glen Green

I have associates, colleagues and friends who are producers and publishers of media ranging from books to music to photographs and movies. These creators have worked hard to make something interesting and worthwhile. More often than not, these inventors are composing their works on their own dime and they don’t have deep pockets. And yet, …

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Mar 22

Social Media at its Most Basic

Previous site contribute, Ashish Jajoo has written another worthwhile essay that pulls back the curtain on Digital Marketing and Social Media specifically. At its most basic, from a marketing standpoint, Social Media offers us the insight we always wanted into our consumers’ minds, behaviors and thoughts – the challenge is harnessing it, understanding it and …

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Apr 11

Avoiding Me Too Site Syndrome

Jari Rouas - Digital Marketer and Brand Manager. Expertise influencing consumers and healthcare professionals through award-winning digital programs to drive trial, awareness and retention with a strong emphasis on measurability.

Introduction Jari M. Rouas is a NY based Digital Marketing Consultant who has more than 20 years of professional experience leading brand site development and social media endeavors for organizations such as GlaxoSmithKline and MRA Services as well as start-up and mid-sized companies. In this essay, Jari provides great insights and tools that will help …

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Mar 30

Consumer Attention Transforming Communications Organization – Marketing Challenges of Many2Many Communications

Ashish Jajoo

Introduction The author, Ashish Jajoo, is a leader in Pittsburgh’s Digital Marketing and IT services. Ashish has been kind enough to grant me permission to publish his essay on Marketing Challenges in  the social media world of Many-to-Many communications. Ashish argues for the ever increasing importance of a holistic consumer experience as the consumer’s voice …

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May 10

7 is a good start > 7 Reasons Replacing a Website With Social Media Is Stupid

I suspect that there are more than seven reasons, but I haven’t made my own tally yet. However, here are a few reasons compiled by Kipp Bodnar: 7 Reasons Replacing a Website With Social Media Is Stupid I think that his 5th point is my number one reason: 5. Having a Hub – Think of …

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May 03

Three quick tips for a successful CRM implementation

1) Executive buy-in. – Good things happen to organizations with support from the top. 2) Train for communication and prioritize it above technology. Form follows function. Specifically strive for sincerity in communications and avoid marketing glurge i.e. drive the communication from a customer’s viewpoint – not a marketers. 3) Start small and iteratively and grow …

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Apr 29

Pittsburgh “Innovation Happens!”

Branding Brand Logo - Pittsburgh, PA Innovators

Last night I attended and open forum connecting Pittsburgh entrepreneurs with corporations at the AlphaLab on the South Side of Pittsburgh. In last night’s gathering, a group of six Pittsburgh start-ups gave us a series of six minute elevator pitches. I found three of them intriguing in particular and worth a second look: Branding Brand …

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Mar 25

Permission Marketing in the era of Social Media

Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers by Seth Gordin photo by Glen Green

In the age of Social Media, consumers still expect marketers to respect permission and privacy. As evidence of this, consider the outcry that has occurred with many of Facebook’s tone deaf modifications to the user privacy settings. Facebook is the 400lb gorilla in the room and currently has a good deal of inertia on its …

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Mar 16

Digital Marketing tip: HTML 5 for 2011

Digital Marketing tip: your organization should be starting to upgrade your web properties to HTML5 – in 2011. HTML5 is the new standard that goes far in replacing Adobe Flash functionality. The reasons why you should upgrade include the increasing role of mobile devices in Digital Marketing. For example, Flash is not supported on iPhones …

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