Apr 29

Pittsburgh “Innovation Happens!”

Last night I attended and open forum connecting Pittsburgh entrepreneurs with corporations at the AlphaLab on the South Side of Pittsburgh. In last night’s gathering, a group of six Pittsburgh start-ups gave us a series of six minute elevator pitches. I found three of them intriguing in particular and worth a second look:

Branding Brand Logo - Pittsburgh, PA InnovatorsBranding Brand Specializing in mobile commerce, Branding Brand is working to close the gab between web and the mobile shopping experience.

BlackLocus logo - Pittsburgh InnovatorsBlackLocus  Offering real-time pricing information and automation, BlackLocus helps their customers find the pricing sweetspot for thousands of SKUs through automation and competition charting.

CivicScience Inc. logo - Pittsburgh InnovatorsCivic Science Features a service that offers dynamic, affiliate style polling across a multitude of partners as well as research analysis for the data that is mined all at a great price point.

Companies like these serve as a reminder of the incredible brain trust and energy found in Pittsburgh Digital Marketing.

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