Mar 14

Social Media – It’s Relationship, Stupid!

I’m re-posting this with permission from Robert M. Caruso. Although I’ve never met Robert face to face, I’ve gotten to know him through social media: Twitter and Facebook which just goes to prove the points he makes in this essay. I’m still surprised by how many professionals have yet to understand the merits and strengths of social media. However, I imagine that in no time at all, these same people won’t be able to function without social media anymore than they can stand being separated from their mobile phones.

RelationshipThere are so many things that go on in social media by people that really get it. Unfortunately, there is a lot more I see from those that don’t. Understanding the conversational and relationship aspect of social media marketing is often a difficult thing for people to grasp. Believe it or not, I find that digital marketing professionals and traditional ad agency types have the most difficult time with the transition. Those goes for network or MLM marketers as well.

Some of the people that seem to excel within social media are the non-marketing experienced individuals that by nature are highly social. You know the types, no matter where they go they end up in conversation with complete strangers. Starbucks and a coffee results in 2 new friendships and exchanging of telephone numbers for future connection. They seem to understand and read people well, culminating in a constant expanding network of associates and friends. I love these people!

Here is what I have found in my experience in social media… People are truly social animals. We all like attention, we appreciate assistance and we gravitate to those that provide that. Of my 15,000 followers, I know hundreds by name without opening their profiles. I pay attention to when they have been gone on vacation and remember to follow up. It’s just like the real world. These factors and contacts create and develop connections and relationships that grow and thrive.

Through these relationships, naturally people draw together around business. Being genuine, showing interest in your Twitter followers, Facebook friends and fans, establishes interest. Interest in your as a person and your service or product.
It never ceases to amaze me that when I have discussions with people within the social graph about THEM and what they do, inevitably they quickly become interested in what we do and sign up for BundlePost. Engaging and building relationships in social media results in revenue and ROI. So quit being stupid and constantly self promoting. Forge relationships by getting to know and helping others and see your results change dramatically!

The original article can be found here, on Bundlepost.  I also highly recommend those interested in the subject of social media and relationship building to connect with Robert on Twitter: @fondalo.

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