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Glen Green

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This site is devoted to the confluence of technology and communication with a particularly keen interest in how these two worlds intersect with the human experience.

Your Humble Host

Glen Green, has more than two decades of production and design management experience in communication, multimedia, application development and information systems.

Currently, Glen is a Digital Marketing and Information Technology Principal overseeing product design and development of a Digital Marketing Platform and a Digital Marketing Shared Services team. He is a strategy and user experience expert who’s recent career activities have included: leading creative, branding, information design, interactive design, project management and strategic vision for front-end Web/e-business, Intranets, Extranets and Web delivered applications.

Glen specializes in providing executive-level leadership demonstrating the value of design driven by form and function, art and science.

“…If you must put me in a box
Make sure it’s a big box
With lots of windows
And a door to walk through
And a nice high chimney
So we can burn burn burn
Everything that we don’t like…”

– Dan Bern

Interests Include: Digital Strategy, Relationship Marketing / CRM, Information Technology, Web / Internet / Software / Application Development, Marketing (Digital and otherwise), Social Media / SCRM, Technology, User Generated Content (UGC), User Experience (UX), Usability, Visual Design, Communications, Multi-Media, Mobile, Human Computer Interface (HCI), Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Operations, Process Improvement, Customer Experience Management, Creative Direction, Business Analysis, Program / Project Management, Privacy / PII, Censorship, Human Rights, Arts, Movies, Travel, Science