May 10

7 is a good start > 7 Reasons Replacing a Website With Social Media Is Stupid

I suspect that there are more than seven reasons, but I haven’t made my own tally yet. However, here are a few reasons compiled by Kipp Bodnar:

7 Reasons Replacing a Website With Social Media Is Stupid

I think that his 5th point is my number one reason:

5. Having a Hub – Think of your online marketing like a wheel. Your strategy should have several spokes that connect back to one hub in the center. A website is the hub of your online marketing. It serves as the one place to which you drive prospects and leads for information and business transactions. Using only social media removes the hub, and the wheel crumbles.

May 03

Three quick tips for a successful CRM implementation

1) Executive buy-in. – Good things happen to organizations with support from the top.

2) Train for communication and prioritize it above technology. Form follows function. Specifically strive for sincerity in communications and avoid marketing glurge i.e. drive the communication from a customer’s viewpoint – not a marketers.

3) Start small and iteratively and grow your plan. It costs less to make mistakes in small environment. Learn your lessons and then apply the solutions to expanding environments.

Apr 29

Pittsburgh “Innovation Happens!”

Last night I attended and open forum connecting Pittsburgh entrepreneurs with corporations at the AlphaLab on the South Side of Pittsburgh. In last night’s gathering, a group of six Pittsburgh start-ups gave us a series of six minute elevator pitches. I found three of them intriguing in particular and worth a second look:

Branding Brand Logo - Pittsburgh, PA InnovatorsBranding Brand Specializing in mobile commerce, Branding Brand is working to close the gab between web and the mobile shopping experience.

BlackLocus logo - Pittsburgh InnovatorsBlackLocus  Offering real-time pricing information and automation, BlackLocus helps their customers find the pricing sweetspot for thousands of SKUs through automation and competition charting.

CivicScience Inc. logo - Pittsburgh InnovatorsCivic Science Features a service that offers dynamic, affiliate style polling across a multitude of partners as well as research analysis for the data that is mined all at a great price point.

Companies like these serve as a reminder of the incredible brain trust and energy found in Pittsburgh Digital Marketing.

Apr 09

“How do companies in highly regulated industries deal with social media adoption?”

I recently answered a question from an Enterprise Community Manager on when she asked,

“How do companies in highly regulated industries deal with the challenges of getting senior executives on board with the benefits of social media and adoption? High quality responses may be used in an upcoming Focus report on social media adoption.”

In the Digital Marketing of pharmaceuticals and Consumer Health, it is a challenge to walk the line between involving our clients in Social Media while still being sensitive to considerations around Adverse Affects Reporting and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) considerations. The current best practice is extensive monitoring of the sites in question. This can be accomplished through a combination of services and software but it can get expensive.

We find that some agencies rush headlong into the social media space unconcerned about the sensitivities required in the health and wellness verticals. Some industries simply must exhibit greater caution because of the risk of exposing a consumers health information to the public. – It isn’t the same as ‘liking’ your favorite movie if you ‘like’ a product that reveals something about your health.

Here is some related reading, FDA Delays Social Media Guidance… Again.

Social Media, Permission Marketing, Personally Identifiable Information, FDA and Consumer Health

Sensitive Social Media by Glen Green

Apr 03

Bad attitudes…

“A bad web site is like a grumpy salesperson.”
Jakob Nielsen

Apr 02

The dumbest mistake…

“The dumbest mistake is viewing design as something you do at the end of the process to ‘tidy up’ the mess, as opposed to understanding it’s a ‘day one’ issue and part of everything.”

Tom Peters (issue Journal of Business and Design, Vol 6, No. 1)

Mar 28

LinkedIn Sit Tight's site maintenance screen, "Sit Tight"'s site maintenance screen, "Sit Tight"

I just encountered this odd site maintenance screen on LinkedIn. I like the imagery.


Mar 25

Customer Service Phone Failure

Customer Service Phone Number Failure Blackberry photo by Glen Green

Photo by Glen Green

Customer Service failure as encountered through Best Buy (and others): When the automated phone system asks for your account number before passing you to an operator who then immediately ask for the same account number that you just entered into their system.

Mar 25

Permission Marketing in the era of Social Media

Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers by Seth Gordin photo by Glen Green

Permission Marketing by Seth Gordin photo by Glen Green

In the age of Social Media, consumers still expect marketers to respect permission and privacy. As evidence of this, consider the outcry that has occurred with many of Facebook’s tone deaf modifications to the user privacy settings. Facebook is the 400lb gorilla in the room and currently has a good deal of inertia on its side but as shown time and again, this can change very quickly . However, consumers will extend permissions if there is an open dialog between organizations and the consumer and if the consumer is enabled with controls (something that Facebook has been recently improving). These concepts were outlined by Seth Gordin in Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers and are as true in the Social Media realm as ever before. Marketers ignore these concerns at their peril. In a digital world, it is easier than ever to switch brands and hard worn loyalties are easily lost with even a simple error in permission and privacy policies. So, organizations need to keep a tight rein on their policies and their agencies who too often may be willing to sacrifice long term brand loyalty in their eagerness to push campaigns.

Mar 16

Digital Marketing tip: HTML 5 for 2011

Digital Marketing tip: your organization should be starting to upgrade your web properties to HTML5 – in 2011. HTML5 is the new standard that goes far in replacing Adobe Flash functionality. The reasons why you should upgrade include the increasing role of mobile devices in Digital Marketing. For example, Flash is not supported on iPhones and iPads and even Adobe has make a large step towards capitulation with its flash to HTML5 conversion tool. HTML5 also has the advantage of being more readily SEO friendly and it has the benefit of not requiring a 3rd party plugin and your content will be better served with less drag on your consumers’ CPUs. Firefox VP Jay Sullivan has even gone so far as to say that Flash is “doomed“.
All this being said, there are considerations, the major transitional concern being backwards compatibility with older browsers.

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